I see you

  • You know you are a healer and have intuitive gifts but you don't know where to start.
  • Maybe you already are working as a healer in some capacity, but you would like to DEEPEN your own practice or tap into more of your innate gifts.
  • You hold space for others, and need a place where you are being held
  • You are reactive to your triggers still - your nervous system is often in dysregulation. In response to triggers, you tend toward either explosiveness or dissociation.
  • You get overwhelmed by other people's energy.
  • You are being called to Shadow work and despite wanting to do it on your own....you're not actually doing it.
  • You want to be a master of your self.  You want to evaluate and respond, rather than react.
  • You need a container to be supported and have scheduled time to be regularly guided to cleanse your energy field, as well as fill up with your own life force. 
  • You are ready to start HEALING. Truly and actively healing.
  • You want to experience and live from the peace and love of your soul, not your family karma. You want to create a different pattern for your life, so that you can create something new. A new trajectory for the next generation. So the familial/societal dysfunction does not get passed on any more.
  • You need structure, accountability, and support to move through everything in the way of you living your highest potential

Most importantly, you know it is time.
You deserve to reap the benefits of your souls 
The world needs your gifts.

Step into your greatest transformation yet.

 Starting 8/15/23

You're not alone.

We all have some kind of trauma or pain.
Core patterns, trauma, and karma are get the way of our true joy, abundance, and satisfaction.
We have developed patterns of fight, flight, fawn, or sabotage.

We came into this world ready to play out our souls purpose, only to be way-layed by the harshness of the reality we lived.
We began collecting experiences that made us start hiding our soul.
Every new pain point covered it more and more, till we were unrecognizable.

Our wounded child (or adult self) had to constantly be on guard, always with our antennas up. Looking, feeling everyone around us, so that we knew how to protect ourselves.
We never learned how to feel into ourselves.
We never learned to decipher our own needs, much less get them met in healthy ways.

 I get it.
But you can dig out.
I will teach you tools to explore and get to know your soul.
I will lead you through the process of weeding through your inner landscape to hone the gifts, and purge the habits/patterns that don't serve you.
I will introduce you to some of your guides, and you will learn how to work with them. First for yourself. Then for others.
And you will have the opportunity to read and be read, as well as give and receive healings. Every week.

You CAN learn how to be the master of your own energy, so you can respond with love rather than react from trauma.
You can have a different experience...one you don't need to escape from.
You CAN choose your own experience of life.
You CAN be grounded and present in your life and relationships.
You CAN be empowered to heal yourself and others from karma and trauma.
You CAN choose whether or not you let the emotions of others affect you.
You have permission to create and maintain healthy boundaries.  

The real superpower is in self mastery.

Knowing where you begin and end, so you can CHOOSE whether or not your taking on energy that is not yours.
Connecting spirit and body so you can live from your purpose, rather than your karma.
Navigating your intuition to heal yourself so that you are empowered in your life, not a victim of it.
And then use those same gifts to help others on a similar path.

I want to offer you an opportunity to experience what it's like to be held in a container
with other like-minded people, and supported with love and compassion as you get brutally honest with yourself
around your habits and patterns so you can shift them!

We will meet on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9-1030 am PST.  
Tuesday class is for meditation, energy work, and discussion/integration. This is a space for your own healing. This is where you find and unload all the ways you limit yourself.
 Fridays will serve as a practice lab where I will be available to coach you through blocks and resistances in real time, as you practice reading and healing on each other.
You will also have access to support from me and the other members in our private Facebook Group, as well as via messaging from me.
You will learn energy tools with which to explore, navigate, and manage your own energy. And then we will use the tools to read and heal yourself and each other, and shift any patterns that get in the way.

In addition, we will work with the energies of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis and other Ascended Masters to activate you into higher codes of consciousness. This will supercharge your own healing, activate more of your intuitive gifts, and fast track your spiritual growth.

What you get:

  • 3 hours of face time per week via Zoom
    - 90 minutes of content, discussion, support, energy work
    - 90 minutes skills practice 
  • Private Facebook group 
  • Support from me as needed via messaging
  • Held in a tight supportive container where you will form relationships like youve never had before. 
  • You will make friends that you can trade readings with, both in addition to class times, and after the class in done. Your own personal network with which to continue to practice, as well as receiving for years to come.

This is for you if you're ready to...


Your intuitive gifts are there to guide you in your life, help you cope, and give you a sense of direction. Learn, explore and practice on others as a way to self mastery. Bring your souls purpose alive!


Become connected to what you truly need and want, and start doing more of it. Unapologetically. 


Let the two polarities work in harmony to support the peace, harmony and magic you wish to create in your life.


Feminine energy is power and creativity. Feminine essence is flow. It is fullness. It is radiance and it is life force itself. It is an instinctual wild nature that all women possess, but most have been programmed to ignore. Tap into the magic of your creation.


We often live out of our conditioning, trauma, and triggers. Once you learn to shift it, you'll meet all things with love and neutrality.  You can begin to respond from neutrality rather than reactivity.


Experience what its like to form deep soul relationships with the others inside the program. The kinds of relationships formed here are unlike any other. Plus you'll have a support system of readers and healers that you will be able to trade readings and healing with for years to come.


These tools will help you ground, heal, and realign yourself with your sacred power and intuition.


Often times, it's hard to ask for help. This container will offer you both accountability and support in a safe place for growth and sharing.


Your enrollment into this space is a devotion to your mental, emotional, and energetic self for 90 minutes a week. It is the space to develop a relationship with yourself like you've never had before and the avenue with which to fulfill your soul's purpose.

If you resonate as an Intuitive, Empath, or Healer you're in the right place!

I will guide you in how to  manage your own energy, intuitive gifts, and healing style. This will be a priceless not only for you, but all the people around you who benefit from you as a role model in healing self, as well as all you share your gifts with. You will also have a space to practice with live practice and individual coaching as you make your way to self mastery.


Miranda, I want to say thank you so much for everything. Funny how I kept you with the LENS on my goal list for over a year and was ready at the perfect time to start the therapy and this container too. So much has coincided for me these past months.

I've been in the healing world and conscious of so much for around 15 years or so, but I could never see at this level of awareness before. All the physical, mental, emotional clutter and debris is falling away bit by bit.  I've never seen female role models easily in my life so I'm very grateful for the work you've done on yourself and your guidance.

Thank you for stepping up and doing your part to fill this void in the world. 

  • FLEX PAY - Intuitive Development
  • 6 payments of

    $525 USD

    per month

    Payment plan

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  • Intuitive Development

    $3000 USD


    Pay in full

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F. N.

Working with Miranda was such a pleasure. Her unique perspective and approach helped me to find new space to create change after years of feeling stuck despite all of the self-help tools and books. I now feel more connected to my own power and am able to share that at work, at home, and in all of my relationships. Thank you for helping me to open up to receive more in my life. 

N. B.

Miranda gave me:

-New spiritual tools and practices to really learn how to ground, why it's important and I have made it a part of my spiritual practice. I’ve worked with meditation teachers and spiritual coaches in the past and have not felt this level of connection to a true grounding practice.

- A firmer grasp on my version of reality. How to ask new questions to reframe my mindset and beliefs. Miranda holds a loving and safe, but firm space. She will call you out and hold you in love while you work it out and iron out those deep wrinkles.

- Relationship tools, meditation techniques, how to identify my own needs. I was able to identify parts of myself and accept why I chose these patterns, with truly unconditional self love and compassion. I was able to take responsibility for my past on a deeper level, and appreciate things that I previously resented. Being equipped with this shift might be one of my most profound takeaways.

-I was able to shift from being “reactive” to more reflective, and finally to more creative. I am now able to be less emotionally charged from external forces and take responsibility for my own experience in a new and powerful way.

I would recommend Miranda’s containers to everyone. She is an expert space holder and can gently yet powerfully guide you to heal yourself in the painful places. She keeps it real, shows up fully, and feels like you’re having coffee with a girlfriend. Those just beginning their spiritual journeys will be blessed to have such a brilliant and intuitive teacher to help lay the foundation for healthy spiritual practices

Those a little deeper into our spiritual paths will absolutely uncover new layers and discover deeper levels of awareness and responsibility for our own experience.

You may want to journal about your experience. You will Be encouraged to practice the tools between classes. The more you practice, the easier and more automatic it will become. It’s all about creating new habits!

We meet via a private recorded Zoom meeting. A recording will be emailed out after class in case you have to miss a live class, and so you can rewatch and redo the content as you wish.

The spots for this container are limited to 7


Miranda has helped me cultivate self awareness and healing. She has helped me to identify my weaknesses in a clear and concise way so that I can focus on and improve them.

S. W.

Before working with Miranda for the 12 weeks I had only tried meditation a few times, not knowing if I was even doing it correctly. Through her in depth and patient guidance, Miranda taught me to get deep inside my inner self and channel into parts of myself I never believed existed. She showed me how to ground myself and explained how important it is to do as much as possible. She guided me through my chakras and I learned there is such thing as too deep at this time in my life. Something that is a work in progress. Miranda showed me tools to use to help me get out some anger issues I've been bottling up for years and how important it is for your inner being to release those thoughts and feelings. The most useful tool Miranda has taught me would be the power of breathing! Such a simple and easy tool to help calm and regroup every situation.

  • FLEX PAY - Intuitive Development
  • 6 payments of

    $525 USD

    per month

    Payment plan

    Buy Now
  • Intuitive Development

    $3000 USD


    Pay in full

    Buy Now

I am a Registered Nurse and LENS Practitioner. Low Energy Neurofeedback helps heal the brain from many types of trauma. I am also a Certified Health Coach, with a special interest in Spiritual health.

My own challenges with physical health and addiction, sent me on a path of finding a better way.
Since 2016 I have worked with amazing teachers and healers learning all I could about myself, my gifts, and how to heal and hold space for myself and others.
I went through my own Intuitive Development journey with the lovely Sarah Entrup, as well as a Teachers Training and taught as a sub in her ID program as needed. I have worked with Melissa Habibi as well, studying and being activated as an initiate in the Magdalene/Isis lineage of Priestesses. I am also Reiki II Certified.

I went from feeling lost, overwhelmed and like a victim to my own traumas and karma, to being solid and empowered enough to start my own Neurofeedback practice and Spiritual business and become the Queen of my own world.

I am really good at what I do, and love it so much it NEVER feels like a job. I have the skills and tools I need to allow me to hold space for others, as well as having the self care to make sure my own cup is always full, so I am able to hold clean and clear space for others to grow and transform.

Are you really anxious? Or have you been taking on other people’s emotions and energies your whole life, and now you are full...of everyone else, BUT YOU?

Are you really irritable and impatient? Or is your nervous system sensitive?

You can learn to connect with and listen to your body in a way that you never have before. In a way that allows you to give yourself the self care you need to be your best self.

You can examine the patterns you learned vs what your soul came here to be.

You can lean in and connect with your ancestors, to heal the past, present and future of your lineage.

Healing your lineage and awareness around patterns can help you unmatch from those, and create the life you want. It ensures that the dysfunction you grew up in does not get passed to your own children and grandchildren.

And what if you knew your energetic system SO well that you could manage it in real time. I provide the tools and weekly practice so you can create new habits that support your highest purpose, rather than repeating karma.

And what if you had the support and resources on how to raise YOUR children to use these tools, just like you raise them to brush their teeth and do their homework?

You need a system, education, tools, support and accountability for you in your transformation toward freedom. You can learn what your body needs to feel and be its best. It’s time to unplug from the karmic loop of past trauma and shift your habits to more healthy ones.

Most of all, you can discover how to love yourself more so that you can honor, and care for your body in a way that supports your mind, and spirit as well. And teach your children to do the same.